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Design & functionality meet sustainability.

It all began with a travel experience of two friends - Julian & Harald. The brand WOODSANDWAVES was built out of their own frustration. Having a fancy towel, having one that is sustainable or having one that is made for traveling? It did not feel right to make these trade-offs. 


We started WOODSANDWAVES with the intention of creating sustainable & stylish travel products. We wanted to create a towel that is multi-functional but still designed in a way that you can  keep it for more than one epic summer. Our towels will  make you feel and look smashing. 


We are passionate and creative optimists who are constantly advancing new ideas. We strive to promote ecological and social awareness. We want to show that travel products can be sustainable & smart without lacking on style. 


We love when people appreciate their time outsite and enjoy the summer. We want to make our customers living an exciting, positive and colourful life. Whether it’s yoga, travels or a day in the park, WSW will help you to be positive. Life's too short to not enjoy it to the fullest.  

Making use of cutting-edge textile technology, we created a material that is not only perfect for traveling and relaxing, but one that is eco-friendly and sustainable as well. An innovative fabric gets combined with smart functionality to make your summer days better than they have ever been.