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Sustainable towels that stand out!

Perfect for 

Where are you heading?

So big when stretched - so tiny when rolled.

A proper beach towel (160cm x 80cm) that can be folded to the size of a kebab. Stop wasting so much space in your bag. Carry less, travel smarter!  

Wouldn't you love a towel that is stylish and sustainable?

Every single towel consists of approximately 20 recycled PET bottles. Bottles that would otherwise pollute the planet. They are collected, fragmented, cleaned and processed to our beautifully smooth towels- towels that are soft as butter and super fancy. 

Not just big, but also sand-free!

Laying on a towel from WOODSANDWAVES is different. The innovative and sand-absorbent fabric stops the sand from being everywhere - and with everywhere, we mean everywhere. Simply leave the beach at the beach. 


Extra large when you use it. Super compact when you carry it. Ready for any adventure.


You deserve a better designed and more colourful towel for your days at the swimming pool.


Good for your soul & good for the planet. Sustainable, slip resistant and sweat absorbent.

New from Australia!

Bodysurfing is now even possible without a skimboard & bodyboard. The WSW handplane is not only about to revolutioniz...

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