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13 European places that can be visited in 2020 despite COVID-19

13 European places that can be visited in 2020 despite COVID-19

COVID-19 changed the holiday plans for most of us. Long distance flights are cancelled. Governments issued travel warnings. At the same time, some European destinations try to attract European tourists again. So, if not now, when is the time to discover the beauty of Europe.

This is why WOODSANDWAVES searched for destinations in Europe that could be visited despite COVID-19. With a limited radius of traveling in 2020, we should not be complaining but taking the situation as it is. Those people who inspire us the most are the ones who understand the value of every moment. And even if Europe is a very small continent, it is absolutely surprising how diverse and wonderful the single parts of it are. Just scroll our top 13 locations and convince yourself of the diversity of Europe.


Hallstatt, Austria


Nearby Salzburg, in Austra, there is a small town with 800 inhabitants called Hallstatt. It is hard to imagine, but Chinese tourists found it so nice that they even copied it and rebuilt a Chinese Hallstadt in their home country.  


Bled, Slovenija

Bled is famous for its castle perched on a little island. From Bled Castle, you can overlook the whole lake. On the horizon, you can see a magnificent mountain range of the Alps.


Lake and Bridge Rakotz, Germany

Lake and Bridge Rakotz

Located in Eastern Germany, lake and bridge Rakotz served as the location for a German film called “Der Zauberlehrling”. In this movie, the Rakotz bridge, looking like a circle thanks to the reflection of the water, served as a gateway to a parallel universe.


Eibsee, Germany


The Eibsee, located under the "Zugspitze" (the highest mountain in Germany), is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in Southern Germany due to its clear, turquoise water. Going on some hikes around the lake is definitely worth it.  


Rhine Waterfalls, Switzerland

Rhine Waterfalls

The most powerful waterfall in Europe is spectacular. With a width of around 150 metres, the average water flow at the Rhine Waterfalls in Switzerland is breathtaking.


Rocamadour, France


From the Middle Ages, Rocamadour has been a town consisting of three levels (one for the knights, one for the religious clerics, and one for the lay workers). All three levels are each worth seeing individually and in their entirety. This is why Rocamadour is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 2020 is certainly not the worst time to visit Rocamadour, as non-European tourist masses are absent because of COVID-19. 


Las Médulas, Spain

Las Médulas

The Las Médulas are located in a place that was home to the most important gold mine of the Roman Empire. The special shape of the mountains in the area is a result from the ancient Romans mining gold and making use of a special technique.


Sintra, Portugal


Sintra is a small holiday location near Lisbon. The town of Sintra and the surrounding wooded terrain is full of pastel coloured mansions and palaces.


Meteora, Greece


The rock formation of Meteora in Greece shows monastery complexes that used to be practically inaccessible. During the longest period of its existence, the monasteries could only be reached via a dangerous rope ladder. When it is foggy, the monasteries look as if they are floating in the air.


Positano, Italy


Positano on the Amalfi Coast looks picture-perfect. Here, you can definitely enjoy "la dolce vita". 


Trolltunga, Norway


There are hikes that are simply worth it. The 27-km round-trip to the so-called “troll’s tongue” is one of them. Arriving at “Trolltunga”, you will admire a stunning rock formation while looking over Lake Ringedalsvatnet.


Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Mostar will fascinate everyone with its narrow streets, which remind of a bazaar. At the end of one of these alleys you will reach the "Stari most", the so-called old bridge, which is considered to be the most beautiful bridge in the whole Balkan.


Plitviče, Croatia


Croatia's oldest national park is known for its countless waterfalls and a river that flows through the mountain valley. The park can be explored on well-maintained wooden hiking trails. 


Caucasus, Georgia


Although it is very unknown, Georgia is one of the most diversified regions in Europe. You can explore the region by hiking throught the mountains that are dividing Asia and Europe.