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Going to the gym is good! Looking good in the gym is even better! Discover the most functional & beautiful gym towels!


Zipper Pocket

Losing your stuff is nerve-racking! Each towel has a zipper pocket for your mobile, your membership card & all other things that are important to you!

Magnetic Clip

Throwing your towel on the floor makes no sense! Our customized magnetic clip protects your towel from getting dirty and keeps it bacteria-free!

Anti-Slip Hood

We hate getting interrupted by a slipping gym towel! This is why you need an anti-slip hood that will protect your towel from ever sliding down the bench again!


A perfectly-sized gym towel (95cm x 40cm) that can be folded to the size of a sandwich.


Believe us, being in a sweat during workout is perfectly fine! Yet, your towel does not need to stink abominably!


Our fabric absorbs twice the amount of water of its own weight. Still, it might be the fastest drying fabric ever created.

Wouldn't you love a towel that is stylish and sustainable?

Every gym towel consists of approximately 3 recycled PET bottles. Bottles that would otherwise pollute the planet. They are collected, fragmented, cleaned and processed to our beautifully smooth towels - towels that are super fancy and as soft as butter. 

Unique design - on both sites!

We are sure that you feel good during workout. We are dead sure that you feel even better when looking good during workout. Stand out from the crowd with a double-printed WSW towel!