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WOODSANDWAVES Recycling Proces: How does it work?

HOW TO MAKE TOWELS FROM POST-CONSUMER PLASTICS Having seen many parts of the world, we know how plastic pollution is harming our planet. This is why we decided to take a different approach for manufacturing our colourful and sand-free towels. We aim to make a positive impact by using post-consumer plastic waste to create unique, but long-lasting beach towels.  But how does it work? The following infographic shows how we turn plastic bottles into a fancy product.  In the end, we have a towel that is both stylish and sustainable. But what is even cooler: the process of recycling and reusing old plastic waste is already so advanced that not only towels can be made from the yarn, but also various other products. For an overview of other startups that use these or similar methods to manufacture sustainable products, see the following article: "7 startups that make it possible to combine style & sustainability".